Armor is a protective clothing worn to protect the body from certain hazards especially during battles. In a similar fashion, the apparel designed to give protection against ice is referred to as Ice Armor.

Ice Armor is like a product brand consisting of a whole set of accessories required to cover up the human body in an environments where mercury is in the pits.

Ice Armor consists of mitts, gloves, hats, windproof jackets with a hood, socks and lastly a boot. In frigid temperatures, our head and feet are the two basic extremities of the body which emit excessive heat.

In order to retain your internal temperature, you can wear high-quality Ice Armor boots, plus some layers of other warm clothings around you.



Ice Armor is a leading boot manufacturing brand, producing Ice Armor Boots along with other sets of Ice Armor accessories for head, hands and body outwear.

The company is giving out a mouth watery deal with their Ice Armor suits, and it’s still ongoing. However, to give you more options in order to make a better buying decision, you can look out for similar products from other manufacturers.

They have a range of products in their production line that will keep you covered. The following are some few brands you may consider:

  • Baffin (Men’s-Selkirk-snow-boot, Impact-insulated,)
  • Muck Arctic
  • Sorel (Man’s conquest, Men’s Intrepid Explorer Extreme Snow)
  • Helly Hansen.

If the activity you are engage in exposes you to a long stay in the frosty waters, for instance an ice-fishing, you can’t deny the fact that a highly-insulated boots is necessary. These boots are important equipment for your overall health and safety. They will protect you from accidents and injuries while drilling holes in the snow.


There is no experience as bitter as a frost-bitten toes and numb legs while on your fishing adventure in icy terrains.

Clam’s Ice Armor boots will keep your body warm at temperatures below the freezing levels. And, the good thing about this boot is that they are versatile, meaning, they are not meant only for ice-fishing adventures.

To get value for your money, you have to purchase a boot that can be useful for other adventures. From hunting a cold bear in Siberia, to working as an ice-skating coach, these boots have you covered.


Review of ICE Armor Boots

Here is a brief review of a few ICE Armor boots. This review will help you make a better buying decision for your ice-fishing adventures.

Just to add these are not detailed reviews and if you are looking to get a boot for ice related adventures make sure to visit the homepage.

Baffin Snow Monster

The Baffin Snow Monster is one of the latest series from ICE Armor. This boot is lightweight and has the newest advancement in technology. It is designed with an icepaw pads which improves its grip on ice.

It can withstand extreme cold temperatures ranging from -70 degree celsius to -94 degree Fahrenheit. This boot is a force to reckon with in order to keep you warm in your next ice-fishing adventures.


  • Leather/Fabric
  • Synthetic sole
  • Shaft measurement is about 11” from arch
  • Heel measurement is about 1.5”



ICE Armor 8619 Onyx Boots

The Ice Armor 8619 Onyx Boot is very versatile. It is a multi-purpose boot for all kinds of adventures. It is durable, lightweight, and would provide you with maximum comfort even on a rough terrain.


The following are some of the features of this boot:

  • Available in various Sizes and style
  • It is multi-purpose
  • It is waterproof
  • Ice Clothing